This service seeks to offer a more efficient operational scheme from a dynamic consulting model taking advantage of digital media and connectivity of the current era, thus we achieve more than a service, we provide a specialized consulting experience to the client, reducing costs for companies and ensuring the return on investment.

Cloud Legion

Why us?

The best option to strengthen your cybersecurity while you grow your business.

Technical testing, monitoring and digital vigilance in a single service.

Cybersecurity assistance center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Easy integration to PCI DSS compliance for the card payment industry.

Continuous support for cybersecurity and information protection requirements.

Free ongoing training through our client portal.

Increase your clients' confidence and strengthen your competitiveness in the industry.

Visible ROI on cybersecurity investment.

Our focus is on:

Virtual Ciso (V-CISO) is a specialized service aimed at micro, small and medium-sized companies seeking to increase their competitiveness, and looking for innovative cybersecurity services for a reasonable investment.

How does the service work?

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