Cloud Legion

Costs reduction

We optimize and monitor all cloud costs according to your strategy and customize automated policies to identify immediate cost savings opportunities. Save money using our recommendations to reduce or end unused resources.

Management reserved instances

We use trends in the use of reserved instances to generate cost reduction opportunities and recommend whenever necessary so that your reserved instance purchases are always optimized based on historical usage, reservation types, and expired reservations.

Cloud Legion
Cloud Legion

Expense monitoring

Learn how to spread costs in the cloud among your business groups. Find out which departments, teams, owners or applications are responsible for the highest costs. Analyze your spending data month by month and manage your future expenses in a personalized way with higher quality.

Budget reports

Set cloud operating budgets by customizable business units. Compare actual spending against your monthly budget and get proactive notification when you exceed it. Make departments or teams accountable viewing the breakdown of monthly expenses by business unit and allocating costs to the appropriate team.

Cloud Legion
Cloud Legion


Enable platform governance to recover control of clouds, download custom reports and share them on integrated platforms..


Avoid overspending and imprecise cloud planning with detailed recommendations for optimization of every cloud platform.

Cloud Legion
Cloud Legion

How much are you saving on your cloud projects?

From the Cloud Legion team and 4Matt Tecnology we send you this E-book: ¿Cloud or Cost First? Guide Managing and saving costs in the cloud.

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Optimize and monitor all your costs in the cloud with our platform