Our managed services

At Cloud Legion we have the expertise to collaborate with your company in the different IT needs with our managed services.

We count with 3 managed services categories related to a different level of customer requirement.

Cloud Legion

Pure Play

We provide management of our clients' IT services, this service focus on monitor and keep all technology running, but it takes little responsibility for business needs and IT planning.

Added value

We provide more than keeping the infrastructure running. we offer a wide range of services, from disaster recovery and software maintenance to scalability planning, among others.

Cloud Legion
Cloud Legion

High level

We take care of providing a variety of services offering to companies infinite possibilities to get the whole assistance they need, from governance, security, costs and continuous compliance, among others.


• By outsourcing your management with us, your company can concentrate more easily on your business strategy.

• Our clients reduce operatives and infrastructure costs that an IT department requires.

• Availability of all platforms that depend on IT is ensured and better provided to all business areas that depend on them.

• We work with the most innovative and adaptive technologies to the managed services.

• We provide scalable solutions as if its expansion is required as it progresses, it can be easily done.

Cloud Legion


Local Management

Organizational structure of Cloud Legion allows and ease the local decision making, giving the flexibility necessary to meet the unique and particular requirements of every client.

Global Coveragel

Geographic distribution of Cloud Legion allows the supply of services and product, with high quality, homogeneously and consistently to our clients, wherever you need them.

Continuous Training

Every Cloud Legion technicals have at least an Official Certification of the leading manufacturers in the Technology market. As well as there is a plan of continuous training that extend and keep our aptitudes


The goal of Cloud Legion dispose of the highest levels of accreditation of our technology partners, which are leaders in their respective technological areas and provide us with some of the main capabilities of our managed services.


Each client can be sure that our staff is the highest level, technically and in their behaviour, so as all of our staff adhere to an integrity policy that covers personal conduct, business relationships, and confidentiality..


We have a Customer Service Center, with 24x7x365 Coverage, for any query or intervention with which Cloud Legion has signed SLAs. First-class support is provided from this center and depending on the type of incident, its criticality and the agreed SLA.

Quality and Security

Every Cloud Legion process, technical department included, are assessed by ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 regulations.

Equal Opportunity Plan

Cloud Legion is publicly committed to respecting and promoting equal opportunities for women and men incorporating an equality plan and the possible measures according to its size and the means available to comply with the bases and principles of a manifesto of good practices in the field of equal opportunities.

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