DevSecOps is being chosen as one of the most important priorities of the quality and security sectors in companies.


of companies claim the lack of automation and integration of security tools is the main challenge of DevSecOps.


is the percentage of organizations will have more than 500 nodes in their CI/CD pipeline by 2020/2021.


is the percentage of organizations make code changes in hours or days.

LDevOps culture and practices help your organization build, operate reliably, and continually improve your software solutions

But DevOps is not enough to fulfill security requirements of your traditional applications. To keep the speed without involving security, we have to integrate security at every stage and that is DevSecOps.

Cloud Legion

We help implement security in your pipeline

DevOps is not only about tools, is also the people, processes and technologies that come together to offer better software efficiently.

Cloud Legion

Professional services

Our DevSecOps experts can help you:

• Courses and programs for secure development.

• Security CI/CD strategy planning.

• Security analysis in different environments.

• DevSecOps Tools Integration.

Tools Integration

Integrate and automate security in your CI / CD pipeline

• SAST - Static security analysis

• SCA - Product Composition Analysis

• IAST - Interactive security analysis

• DAST - Dynamic Security Analysis

Cloud Legion

Cloud Legion

Managed services

Optimization of your resources using on-demand security testing

• DAST managed

• SAST managed

• Penetration test managed

DevSecOps is team effort

When teams work together, everyone wins.


By integrating and automating security testing and controls across the SDLC, development teams streamline development and create high-quality, secure software.


When security teams work with development team to carry security testing earlier in the SDLC, costs and effort decrease and compliance rates increase.


Operations teams can avoid vulnerabilities of applications in production when they have an early view of components used in applications and the risks related to them, implementing compensatory controls in each case.

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