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Cloud Security

Cloud computing offers several key benefits for organizations: cost reduction, automation, hardware independence, high availability and flexibility. Using the cloud changes the setting we were used to regarding confidentiality, privacy, integrity, law enforcement, availability, incident response. It is very important knowing the level of maturity of Cloud services and providers. Our consultants are active members of Cloud Security Alliance and use many of its tools to ensure clients are confident about cloud option to implement and understand the risks associated with their type of industry.

Security Risk Assessment

Cloud Computing presents new and evolved risks to organizations. Security Risk Assessment is designed to help organizations in assessing the desirability of migrating services for Cloud environments and assess existing risks in hybrid or full Cloud deployments. Our consultants have high experience assessing risk aligned with the needs of a company. Our audit knowledge enables us to understand the impact of adopting cloud solutions for business. As members of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) we use its best practices, in addition to NIST, ENISA, and industry-specific cloud security guidelines and local regulations such as the Personal Data Protection Law.

Cloud Legion

Cloud Legion

Security Migration

When migrating to the cloud, organizations can face problems that if are not managed correctly, can bring worse problems in the future. We have a methodology for adopting Cloud environments and offer expert advice on migration of traditional software, platforms and infrastructure. We help companies saving money, improving security and increasing their knowledge. As members of various Security associations, we are focused on improving the security of organizations, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Secure Cloud Design

Cloud Computing presents detailed security challenges at the stage of designing cloud environments. We help companies detecting possible points of exposure of sensitive information. We design, build, and deliver secure cloud environments based on our clients' specific security and compliance considerations. Our cloud security specialists offer specific designs to meet the highest demands for information security. We are aware of the risks related to public and private clouds. For this reason, we help companies get the most out of this solution by designing and implementing environments that fulfill security concerns and business goals. When it comes to reach the right balance between performance and security, our consultants will help you implement the best Cloud solution for your needs.

Cloud Legion

Cloud Legion

Cloud Service Provider Assessment

Cloud service providers need to be assessed independently of the security they offer in order to provide clients with assurance in the follow up of the best practices. As a member of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), our specialists are prepared to provide assessments from cloud service providers and we find out their alignment with the Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR). All cloud service providers should accomplish the STAR assessment requirements.

Cloud Testing and Audit

LCloud environments also must be assessed regularly by experts. Our Cloud Testing and Audit service includes assessing of existing security controls in the company and maps these controls to Cloud environments. Our professionals use main tools in the industry to ensure clients are safe when choosing their Cloud strategy. As part of our Testing Cloud and Audit process, we examined:

• Application and interface Security
• Assurance and compliance audit
• Business continuity and op resilience management
• Change control and configuration management
• Data security and information life cycle management
• Data center security
• Encryption and key management
• Governance and risk management
• Human resources security
• Identity and access management
• Infrastructure security and virtualization
• Interoperability and portability
• Mobile security

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