Cloud Legion

Policy management

Fastly identify opportunities for improvement, such as: proactive reduction of expenses, avoiding risks and optimizing the configuration. We carry out workflows according to your strategy, easily keeping control over your cloud environment.

Cloud automation

Automate your policy management for standardized cloud operations, reduce the risk of breaches or overspending, and increase efficiency to spend more time on business growth and innovation.

Cloud Legion
Cloud Legion

Data accuracy

Always have access to the most up-to-date and accurate data, with information on your daily costs and total spending at the end of the month. Align reports and cost allocation by line of business, department or cost center codes.


Cloud Legion

Our Skills

ChargeBack and cost management with software usage measurement

Platform to manage TAG and software consumption cost centers in premises, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and virtualized environments.

Contract management and cloud architecture

We ensure software usage standards comply with IT provisioning rules and support by defining a governance BluePrint.

IDM, LGPD and security patch management

Analysis of user profiles and their sensitive information, their access in the cloud. Diagnosis of which software does not have updated patches and support by the manufacturers.

Profiling Office 365 and other SaaS

Define your Office 365 and other SaaS user profiles correctly, based on your measurement of Office usage across the enterprise.

Cost optimization

We seek for a reduction of up to 35% in software costs, using PDCA for asset and contract management an operating with the zero-based software budget method.


Our SaaS API-First platform enables a fast return with lower implementation costs, supporting our clients in DevOps, ITOps and FinOps strategies.

Cloud Legion

How much are you saving on your cloud projects?

From the Cloud Legion team and 4Matt Tecnology we send you this E-book: ¿Cloud or Cost First? Guide Managing and saving costs in the cloud..

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Report on software costs by line of business.