Many companies strive to develop the capacity or technical expertise required to effectively manage their cloud infrastructure, tools, and applications. The workload of operating and protecting your cloud accounts doesn't have to be a distraction from your team's core activities and competencies.

At Cloud Legion we count with a team of engineers and experts to manage your cloud. We have been developed a single way to provide: + availability + performance + efficiency and + security.

Our managed service is based on 3 pillars:


To garantee our team of experts performs proactivly, monitoring is essential, beyond the firts configuration of the elements monitored in their environment, we define together the severity (Rating by type of severity), in case an incident or alert and which action should our team take if necessary.o

With this work template we provide greater peace of mind to clients who trust us.


Cloud security is a critical problem for InovTI. That is why one of the main challenges according to security is the visibility and diagnosis of your environment. So that you and our team can reduce the risk of unavailability even theft of information. Our specialists, in addition to managing your environment, ensuring constant updates, use world recognized tools to ensure the security of your environment.


One of the main concerns when creating an environment in the cloud is related to the optimization of resources, since the environments that are sized and used incorrectly can generate an unnecessary cost for your company. For this reason, one of the main services is the constant assessment of the optimization of your environment, developing knowledge to ensure efficiency in the use of the cloud. This is one of the great differentials Cloud Legion provides you.

An innovative managed service that helps organizations of all sizes make the transition and adapt to a simplified cloud operating model supported by cloud specialists with high level tools recognized around the world and expert specialists to offer a continuous review of your security, operations and architecture practices in the cloud.

With 24x7x365 access to certified engineers and architects, Cloud Legion will be your best friend in the cloud.

Why us?

We provide a single view of the costs and security of your cloud platform.

Our team count with the certifications of the main cloud providers.

Increase your confidence in security and governance of your cloud architecture.

Our platform and monitoring automations allow Cloud Legion experts to focus on supporting your business needs.

Cloud Legion

Cloud Legion as a specialized cloud consultant, understands the challenges of operating a company using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

We are the first consultant in the region to qualify as a Global Consultant for CSA - Cloud Security Alliance.

Get the benefits of Cloud best practices, created by Cloud Legion specialists.

Our auditors are qualified in CSA STAR, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 among other international standards.


Costs reduction

Control and reduce infrastructure management costs in the cloud.

Fill the Skills Gaps

Benefit from the knowledge, training and certification of our staff.

Predictable Monthly Costs

Predictable monthly cost to support your platform, regardless of the level of support you need.

Stay Updated, without Effort

Keeping your cloud infrastructure up-to-date with the latest security and operational practices is a challenge for all kind of organizations.

Integrated Tools and Personalized Services

Access a suite of leading cloud management tools fully integrated with your Cloud environments.

Robust infrastructure

Cloud Legion defines and applies CSA best practices for cloud network infrastructure in its managed environments increasing security and reliability.

Centralized Management and Security

Centralize the application of security best practices and regular cloud administration tasks in a single control panel.

Response times

Staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reply any alerts.

Direct interface with your CSP

When specific CSP issues occur, Cloud Legion work directly with Amazon to sort out them on your behalf.

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