Our values

Our values are defined by the people in the business. That is right, the People!. For Cloud Legion, this means working with each and every person to create an environment where everyone can improve.


INCLUSION is a big part of our values so we want to ensure everyone has a voice and a clear sense of belonging.


Every day is another opportunity for us to grow as individuals and Growth is key to our business, like any other. We want you to feel like you are growing. You take control but we will help you get there.


we seek EXCELLENCE every day and that leads us believe in our message and above all, to do our best, no matter how big or small it is.


In order to value inclusion, evolution and excellence, we must COOPERATE. Each of us has great ideas on how we can collectively improve.


“Cloud Legion is an amusing and friendly place to work where everyone cooperates! I love the supportive environment and the space to grow and develop my skills”

Jorge Costa, Agustina Manzanzani, Lead Generation

“I was caught to the new possibilities of Cloud Legion: building my career, my own potential and taking the role”

Henan Gil, Jorge Costa - Business Development Manager

“I am proud what I do and face new challenges every day. Flexible job opportunities help me living the present and build harmony in working life”

Diego Selener Martin Ambort - Security specialist consultant

“Commitment and efficiency is what comes to mind when I think Cloud Legion, I have the pleasure to cooperate on multiple projects, without doubt they manage to enhance qualities in people by achieving multidisciplinary teams and training incredible professionals”

Hernan Peroceschi Julio Balderrama - Board of Advisors

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