Managed Services

At Cloud Legion We help our clients keep their daily operations, integrating powerful automations, best tools and high rate experts to offer a continuous review of security, operations and architecture on-premise or cloud.

With 24x7x365 access to certified professionals and leaders in different current technologies and practices. We provide our clients required technical expertise or capacity at a predictable monthly cost.

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Professional Services

+SIMPLE +AGILE +SECURE We offer a complete consulting service, backed by award-winning professionals and leaders in different technologies and current models of services and projects; This allows us adapt quickly the needs of our clients.

Our SGI (Integrated Quality and Security Management System) controls the whole company integrally, avoiding deviations and ensuring compliance with defined processes.

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Every day our industry requires professionals with high level of specialization, Cloud Legion guarantees the highest quality standards in their training.

We develop professional training programs accompanying organizations in their business and technological innovation strategy.
We have a teaching staff made up of qualified experts backed by our partners and their certifications.

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In an environment where technology become the engine of change for new business business models, the demand for specialized IT services grew exponentially. The same happens with the lack of experts in DevOps, DevSecOps, SysOps, Cloud architects and qualified security professionals, this is a reality many companies must face and adapt to. That is why at CLOUD LEGION we developed our SQUADservice.

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Some of the companies that trust us


Focusing on the changes and the little signals our clients provide us day by day is the heart of our strategy.

“I am highly satisfied with the service Cloud Legion always provide to our Company as they show a high professional, technical and quality level, which helped us achieve goals sought, always accompanying our needs.”

Jorge Costa, Jorge Costa, CIO in NECOD

“Very good team of professionals, always prepared and oriented to help in critical moments which require fast or agile solutions.”

Henan Gil, Hernan Gil - Project Manager in Naranja X

“The service we received from Cloud Legion was really excellent, we found in this company a high professional level but above all a very clear common sense adapting to our needs. Currently they advise us every question we have with Cloud platforms and regulatory development of Information Security.”

Diego Selener Diego Selener, CIO in Familia Bercomat

“Excellent professionals, experts in the topics they cover, always very well predisposed and prioritizing the client over everything.”

Hernan Peroceschi Hernan Peroceschi, Commercial Manager in Vault Consulting

“I want to thank Cloud Legion team of professionals, the methodologies implemented in the development life cycle for our products have not only improved the security level of our code, also the quality and times, since we mitigate security problems early by avoiding rework. Highly recommended.”

Fabian Vargas Fabian Vargas


Business Partners

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Technology Partners

In cooperation with our partners, we achieve best combination of specialized knowledge, technology and efficient processes; to provide our clients a license and also with a comprehensive service.