Why choose us?

Our staff is composed by certified professionals, experts in their respective fields, who are constantly in search of the highest human and social qualities, professional excellence, technical specialization, innovation and technological updating. Our team has extensive international experience in the management, development and delivery of technological and security solutions to our customers, as they have worked in prestigious firms in the consulting, professional services, financial, insurance sectors, high technology, telecommunications and industrial, among others.

Christian Ibiri

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Luciano Moreira

CDSO - Chief DevSecOps strategy Officer

Board of Advisors

Jim Reavis

Cloud Security strategy

Julio Balderrama

Compliance strategy

Santiago Cavanna

Security Digital Transformation strategy

Federico Pacheco

Security Education & research


Some of the certifications with which our staff counts

Cloud Legion

Our Filosophy

Three main factors of our organization, these are:

Total focus on the needs of the client

We implement services and create products, but we know that all organizations have different and particular needs. That is why every implementation is thought in detail and we look for make it focus on the true needs of our customers.

Simple Solutions

Our solutions always seek to be easy and intuitive, they hardly require instructions or manuals. We do not treat our products or services as another commodity, we know that every product or service has a reason for being, and this is to supply a need for our customers in a simple way.

Being good is not enough

In Cloud Legion we feel that the implementation of information security is our responsibility and not from our customers. We always try to innovate and break paradigms in technological issues in this area. We are academic researchers who are always looking for new solutions in technology and information security.


Our Mission

Care about the needs of cybersecurity, corporate security of information, information technology and communication, in a great competitive environment which is constantly changing and increasingly regulated.

Our vision

To be a vanguard company, with services and innovative solutions of last gen technology, with a high level of quality in the provision of the same and an important degree of satisfaction of our customers.


Since the beginning of this Legion, we always seek to differentiate ourselves "Think outside of the box" from our main strength: the knowledge and quality of our professionals to provide personalized service and sophisticated solutions for the most demanding companies, which we call "boutique consulting".

  • Cloud Legion is born

    As a response to the needs of the Latin American market to have boutique consulting services in new technology and security "The importance of knowledge"

  • New Partner

  • we were finalists for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2017 in the category Best Cybersecurity Startup

  • New Partner

  • New Partner

  • DevSecOps Argentina

    In response to the trends and needs of the local community, we founded the initiative and organization DevSecOps Argentina

  • New Partner

  • Our CDSO - Chief DevSecOps strategy Officer is selected as MVP in Azure

  • p>P>We published the first e-book of DevSecOps Argentina with the collaboration of Cloud Legion Introduction to Devops and DevSecOps

  • New Partner

  • We won the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2018 in the category Best Cybersecurity Startup

  • New office in Parque Patricios
  • New Partner

  • We published the second e-book of DevSecOps Argentina with the collaboration of Cloud Legion Agile Infrastructures the heart of DevOps in IT OPS

  • Our CDSO - Chief DevSecOps strategy Officer is selected as MVP in Azure again

  • We won the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2019 in the categories Best Cybersecurity Startup and Cybersecurity Team of the Year

  • We published the third e-book of DevSecOps Argentina with the collaboration of Cloud Legion DevSecOps Security testing automation

  • Following with the focus "The importance of knowledge" we created our Board of Advisors with recognized professionals of the local and international ambit

  • Our CEO and CDSO: Christian Ibiri & Luciano Moreira, were selected by people from peerlyst, "50 Influential DevSecOps Professionals"

  • Cloud Legion is the first consultant in Latin America to achieve CSA Global Consultancy

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